Do you want to enjoy the nature but want to be close enough to drive or ride a train to New York City? If so, you should definitely  consider Long Island! Let’s explore Long Island together!

Here are my 5 reasons why you should move to Long Island NY.

  1. Beaches

Long Island is known for their amazing beaches! Jones Beach State Park is one of the famous beaches in Long Island which is located along the south shore. The beach has a good accessibility to Long Island Rail Road (LIRR). Some people may think it is a beach but there are plenty of things to do in Jones Beach State park. Enjoy the calm and beautiful waves and sand, and also the outdoor activities. Many people enjoy swimming, play miniature golf and basketball. There is also a concerts at Northwell Health Theater Box Office. Do you get hungry when you go to a beach? I do! Well, if you go hungry, no problem! Just go to the boardwalk and there are plenty of eateries that you can enjoy!

2. Meseums

Enjoy the historic meseum in Long Island. There are plenty of them. Are you interested in planes and space? Cradle of Aviation Museum is located in Garden City and it is an aerospace meseum.

3. Architecture

When I was a little girl, I wish to see a mansion or a castle like the one I had seen on fairy tale story. Did I just write mansion or castle? Long Island has a beautiful preserved mansion! You will feel like you are a princess or a prince once you have seen it! At least I did! Oheka Castle is located in Huntington. It is currently a hotel and also a tourist spot.

4. Vineyards

Are you a wine connoisseur? Yes? Long Island is perfect place to explore and taste the wines they offer from red to white wine. 

5. Farms

They are many farms in Long Island. If you want to taste freshness right from a farm, come and eat in Long Island! At autumn, pumpkin picking is also popular here.