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Southern Long Island

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    Long Island is located in southeastern New York, United States. Stretching northeast into the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island contains four counties, two of which are boroughs of New York City (Queens and Brooklyn), and two of which (Nassau and Suffolk) are mainly suburban. In popular usage, however, the term “Long Island” generally refers only to Nassau and Suffolk counties in order to differentiate them from New York City.

    The westernmost end of Long Island contains the New York City boroughs of Brooklyn (Kings County) and Queens (Queens County). The central and eastern portions contain the suburban Nassau and Suffolk counties. However, colloquial usage of the term “Long Island” refers only to Nassau and Suffolk counties. The more dense and urban Brooklyn and Queens are not usually referred to as “Long Island”, since they are politically part of New York City, though before those counties amalgamated into the city, they were often so identified.

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