Why move to New York City? New York City is located in the east coast and it is one of the most populated areas in United States. People move to the “Big Apple” because it has a lot to offer and explore. New York City consists of 5 boroughs which are Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island. New York City has an exciting and vibrant environment which is fun and attractive to people. Let’s explore and discover the 5 reasons why I think you should move to New York City.

  1. Artand Music

Art is everywhere in New York City. There are many street cartoonists in New York. Artistic expression is also depicted in some walls, streets and building. You can also see the arts in the Park.

New York City is also known forBroadway Theatre which is a popular musical theater. People from all over the world visit NYC and enjoy the musical performance. Broadway is also known for its award winning musical theater such as “The Lion King”, “Wicked” and “The Phantom of the opera.”

Artists express their talents through dancing, paintings and singing. You will often see them in subways, street and areas such as Time Square.

2. Parks

New York City is surrounded in beautiful parks. One of the famous parks in the world is Central Park which is located in the heart ofManhattan. It has so much things to do in Central Park. Not only that it is a park but it is also an amusement attraction and a landscape. The beauty of Central Park is that even though it is located in a busy area, the park gives a nature scenery while you enjoy the urban city of Manhattan. What is great about Central Park is that you can enjoy it on any seasons whether it is hot or cold weather. In the winter, you can enjoy the public ice-skating in Wallman Rink and so much more!

3. Architecture

From modern to historic architectures, they are breathtaking. In NYC, especially in Manhattan, you will be surrounded in the high-rise skyscraper building with a unique style, both modern and historic ones. Although New York City is an urban area, they kept the historic architectures. Some of the notable architectures are Empire State Building and One World Trade Center. The historic preservation in NYC is impeccable and I think that it is nice to have a mix of modern and historic architectures in areas. We can also find beautiful architectures through the bridges such as Brooklyn Bridge.

4. Food

I think New York City is a capital of food diversity; from casual to high-end and authentic cuisine, you name it, you can find it in NYC! They are also known for New York City-style Pizza and Beagles. As “a city that never sleeps”, you can access to food most of the time in any hours and days. Food tracks, such as halal food, are also popular in New York City as it is fast, affordable and located in many places.

5. Convenience

Many people from different countries move to NYC because of convenience. They are subways trains and buses everywhere and constantly on going. Most of the places are walking distance to get to either to public transportations or stores. The stores and restaurants are open for long or even 24 hours. Two airports, JFK and LaGuardia airports, are also located in Queens. Many companies’ headquarters are also located in New York City, from fashion, media, real estate, sport leagues to financial exchange and service and so much more. Such companies are The New York Times Company, Calvin Klein, ABC and New York Stock Exchange.